Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Closet Sweeper

Whenever I'm asked about my hobbies, there's one I always fail to mention. It's about time I admit it, so here goes. I am a sweeper. I love to enter sweepstakes and contests and thrill at the thought of even the slightest chance of a win. I have a sister who is also a sweeper, but she is much more open about it than I am. She has even taught workshops for other aspiring sweepers. Maybe the difference is that she has all kinds of wins to prove how not ridiculous her hobby is and how much time she isn't wasting. Me? My wins are limited to a few movie theater and restaraunt gift certificates, a music download (yep, just one), and the occasional "thanks for playing" packet of gum or other such valuable prize. Oh, I did win a pretty nice bike once, but that wasn't online so I never really count that. Silly, huh. I attribute my lack of winning to the minimal amount of time I really put into this closet hobby of mine. I have 5 young children to raise and can't do it sitting at a computer all day. But now I spend hours every day sitting while I nurse my newborn (8 weeks old and such a cutie) and can easily devote that time to my desire for wins. So I updated my OLS premium membership and started entering sweeps like crazy. I'm starting with short entry periods and instant wins, so we'll see how that goes. Anyone out there sharing my love of sweeping and feel the silly need to keep it in the closet? Here's your chance to come out.

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