Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sweeps4Bloggers has some fabulous contests that are expiring today. If you haven't entered yet, HURRY over there!!! Here's what you have to look forward to finding while you're there:

curling iron - The Flat Iron Experts are giving away a fabulous curling iron. I have 5 little girls with long hair, so we definitely have use for this in my house. If you want it, go here to enter.

book - I WANT this one. "Dinner for Busy Moms" sounds like my life. If that sounds like your life, too, head over here and enter for a chance to win this book that could solve all our dinner problems.

licorice - This is my FAVORITE licorice (and I REALLY LOVE licorice). The black licorice is all natural and absolutely fabulous!! Even if you think you don't like black licorice, you should try this, just to be sure. ;) Head over here and enter!

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