Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why I'm Fat

I am desperately trying to lose weight - and failing miserably lately. I've been successful in the past, but lately I just can't get myself in the right mindset and I'm proving to be too weak to succeed. So I found this awesome giveaway for this book that sounds like just what I need. It's called "This is Why You're Fat (and how to get thin forever)" by Jackie Warner. Go here to read all about it, and if you decide to enter the giveaway, too, good luck!! (in your weight loss efforts and your sweeping efforts)

One more chance to win this book here at Jinxy Knows Best.

And yet another chance here at women-preneurs galore. Ooh, I really want to win this one!!! So far there are only a few entries and the contest ends really soon, so your chances are GREAT to win one of the FOUR books she's giving away if you hurry over and enter. You must blog about the contest to enter. Good luck!!

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